ADD India works with persons with disabilities in rural areas with a community-based rehabilitation approach. For the past 3 decades, ADD India has been working in the areas of rehabilitation, inclusion, livelihood projects, and advocating rights and entitlements. (Read more..)


To improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities by their inclusion and participation in the community and in the development process.


A world where all persons with disabilities enjoy their rights and are able to participate fully as they choose at every level in society.


  • To use CBR as a tool to ensure that persons with disabilities are included in all development schemes and programs.
  • To work with federations of persons with disabilities by facilitating and strengthening their capacity to advocate for their inclusion in society and in all development activities.
  • In partnership with other organizations by training their workers to undertake disability work with 'an inclusive approach' and later supporting them in the field to implement programs.
  • By raising awareness in the community about disability and related issues to bring about a positive change in attitude towards persons with disabilities.